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At, we find that many individuals have questions or need help figuring out the Medicare Insurance maze. As a preferred partner with firsthand experience in this area, we will take the time to understand your client’s needs and concerns and match them with a correct plan from day one. We encourage you to set up a time to talk to us – learn how to incorporate Medicare in your retirement planning discussion.

How we Help:

  • Being independent, we represent all carriers that offer individual health insurance plans.
  • We do not cross sell to your clients.
  • We will communicate with the advisor during and after the process, keeping them informed along the way.
  • We will stay in touch with clients annually, making sure they have the correct plan for their needs.
  • We do not charge fees of any kind. Our expenses are paid by the insurance company. We can create proposals, walk clients through Medicare A/B /D enrollment, and provide guidance on multiple situations.
  • We provide free proposals and plan designs for client planning purposes. We help get realistic premium estimates for retiree planning and budget purposes.

Who we Help:

  • Early retirees (COBRA alternatives)
  • Someone turning 65 and aging into Medicare
  • Comparison of group/retiree coverage to Medicare/private insurance
  • Children turning 26 and coming off of parents insurance
  • Those seeking ACA coverage, both on and off exchange
  • Long Term Care planning and insurance
  • We are licensed in the majority of states and can advise clients outside of Missouri
  • We provide annual reviews for clients already on Medicare, making sure they have the correct Medicare Part D plan for the upcoming year

To start the free, confidential Medicare review process for your client(s), please fill out THIS DOCUMENT and return it to us. We will do the rest!

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