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Scope of appointment form

Why do you need a scope of appointment form:

The CMS put the scope of appointment in place to protect seniors from pressure to purchase plans they had not originally intended to buy.  We need the Scope of Appointment to document appointments with potential beneficiaries.  This form indicates the types of plans the beneficiary wants to discuss.  This ensures that agents do not solicit other products and therefore, protects the beneficiaries rights.  In general; it states that we (the agent)  have permission to speak to you the potential client only about the plans that are listed on the Scope of appointment.

When do you need a Scope of appointment form:

A scope of appointment is needed anytime we (the agent) meet with a potential client/clients to discuss either MA(Medicare Advantage), MAPD (Medicare Advantage plus Part D) and/or stand alone PDP (Part D) prescription drug plans.  It is not necessary if we are holding an advertised meeting or a meeting that is open to the general public.

If we (the agent) have a scheduled meeting with more than one individual, each participant must complete a scope of appointment.

Attendees must complete the form weather they are seeking advise for the self or another individual. This is necessary weather or not you (the client) decides to purchase a plan from us.

The Scope of appointment will protect both (the sales agent) and (the client).  It states exactly what we agreed to speak about.  It is a CMS law that agents must keep the scope of appointment for 10 years after the meeting.

There is no longer a requirement that we (the agent) collect the scope 48 hours before the appointment.

Now it is acceptable to collect the scope anytime before you begin the appointment.  There are also times where an electronic scope of appointment is acceptable.

Scope of appointment form – other lines of business

The scope also allows Medicare prospects to check off other lines of business they would like to discuss.  In addition to supplements, most scopes have a section for vision, dental, hearing and hospital indemnity based products. These products are considered health products and can be reviewed/sold during the MAPD/PDP meeting if they have been selected on the scope of appointment form. Non-health related products such as life insurance and annuities are not on the scope and cannot be discussed during the MAPD/PDP/Medicare Supplement appointment.

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Scope of appointment form